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Wow Ultimate Dry Wash Detailer


Plastics, metals, rubber, vinyl, Formica, marble - all painted and unpainted hard surfaces are fair game with this light maintenance cleaner/polish. Just spray on, wipe off dust, fingerprints, smudges etc. - then check out the ultra-smooth, high gloss finish. Contains no silicones or wax, so will not streak or smear, even in full hot sun, even on glass and chrome! Safely removes surface contaminants without scratching and leaves anti-static, invisible clear coating that resists dust, grime etc. Liquid has a pleasant fragrance and is non-toxic and environmentally safe. Perfect for: eye and sun glasses, computer screens, windows, equipment, tool cases, office furniture, fixtures, automobiles, trucks, airplanes, boats, sinks, counter tops, appliances, musical instruments, janitorial maintenance, casinos, restaurants, hospitals and any hard surface. Customers stand back and say: "WOW - what a great product!" Contact Norm to put our products to work for you today at 978-632-9744    

Note  Shipping charges can change , Contact Us for the latest updates and current Wholesale Pricing at 978-632-9744 


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