Trish Day Number One In Professional Auto Care

The Hottest Shines For The Hottest Rides

light cleaner/polish adds a final shine to all hard surfaces
Plastics, metals, rubber, vinyl, Formica, marble - all painted and unpainted hard surfaces are fair game with this light maintenance cleaner/polish.  Just spray on, wipe off dust, fingerprints, smudges etc. - then check out the ultra-smooth, high gloss finish.  Contains no siliconesor wax, so will not streak or smear, even in full hot sun, even on glass and chrome!  Safely removes surface contaminants without scratching and leaves anti-static, invisible clear coating that resists dust, grime etc.  Liquid has a pleasant fragrance and is non-toxic and environmentally safe.  Perfect for: eye and sun glasses, computer screens, windows, equipment, tool cases, office furniture, fixtures, automobiles, trucks, airplanes, boats, sinks, counter tops, appliances, musical instruments, janitorial maintenance, casinos, restaurants, hospitals and any hard surface. Customers stand back and say: "WOW - what a great product!"
Body Shops love this product because: no silicones or wax - Works on fresh paint - Does not affect cure - Safe and effective on all paint finishes, including clear coats - Lubricates final glazes for a higher, brighter finish - Great after fresh paint buff-out (leaves rest of vehicle looking as good as the area just repaired) - Perfect substitute for silicone lubricants commonly used with over-spray clays. Guaranteed to not streak or smear, even in direct hot sun on dark finishes(others may claim no streaks, we prove it!) Safe and perfect as a "dry wash" Spectacular results on any hard surface including: rubber, plastic, glass (windshields), all paints, window-tint, vinyl, hard woods etc.  The ultimate Body Shop spray!

Available in 8-oz. Spray bottle, 16-oz. Spray bottle, economy gallons and 55-gallon drums.

"… WOW is the best … I use and endorse it wholeheartedly! …" 
Dick Hotchkiss
, Merlin, OR - Owner '56 Ford Roadster (This $100,000 Full Custom appeared on the cover of "Custom Classic Trucks" magazine and won Best Trick Truck, GOODGUYS Car Show 1998 and 62 other major show awards in 1998)

"... We have our own unique hand rubbed satin finish that our sons do to our high gloss polyester finished pianos.  The WOW puts the final silky sheen on the finish, removing the slightly dusty look that hand rubbed finishes tend to have.  Our customers always want to pet the pianos when we're done... We've been more satisfied with the WOW than with any other product sold in the piano industry... "
Fandrich & Sons Pianos, Stanwood, WA

"... Several months ago we switched from Meguiar's "Final Detail" to your product, "WOW"... We have 70 cars on display at our museum... We think the cars look better and the good looks last longer with "WOW" than with the competing product... "
Director Daniel Murphy, The Murphy Auto MUSEUM, Ventura, CA



advanced formula produces a no-scratch shine on any type of metal or plastic
Frankly, to achieve a shine on metal is really no big deal... any number of brands produce shine.  However, unlike those brands, our formula contains no silicones and no acids, no ammonia or grit that will scratch surfaces.  Our formula is safe and foolproof on both clear-coated and uncoated surfaces - any type of metal or hard plastic.  Leaves a long-lasting, clear protective barrier that retards tarnish, oxidation, film, dullness - for example, on wheels, our polymer system puts a barrier between the alloy and the dirt, making the wheels easier to clean and maintain. Also, our unique formula combines both a polish & sealer in one easy-on, easy-off application!  Other brands simply do not seal in the shine, resulting in the need for frequent re-polishing.  And this oneproduct covers the full range of metal deterioration: from light to heavy - use on either coated or uncoated, billet, chrome etc.
As for plastics... For example, there are kits that now sell for $35 to $75 to polish faded headlight lens covers and taillights.  In most cases, Aluma-1 will do the same thing, for $12.95 or less!  Before, owners and car dealers had to replace faded, oxidized, foggy, discolored or yellowed headlight covers. Now thanks to Aluma-1, they can bring back most, if not all of the clarity of the original cover! Aluma-1 works quickly and easily on headlights and taillights, as well as all hard plastics and glass...For example: it will polish-out cloudy Lexan windows on truck canopies and, used in conjunction with #0000 steel wool as per label instructions, it will remove water spots from glass windows!

Aluma-1 is perfect for fiberglass boats and motorcycle windshields.  It outperforms fiberglass polishes/rubbing compounds, plus it seals the fiberglass.  On motorcycle windshield plastic, it leaves an optically clear, durable coating to protect the clean surface.  And it removes tree-sapfrom paint surfaces without damaging paint... it leaves the spot shiny and protected... all in one step!

This versatile product safely removes: oxidation, stains, road film, brake dust, oxidized paint, paint scuffs & scuffs on plastic hubcaps!  Simply soars above all other metal & plastic polishes!  Endorsed by tool box manufacturers, truckers, tire/wheel outlets, fleets, boaters, musicians, aviators, body shops, auto dealerships and car lots nationwide.  Available in 8-oz. flip top bottle and quarts.

"… We have tested over a dozen brands of polishes and cleaners on our diamond treadplate aluminum tool boxes … yours was the easiest to use and also had the best results … " 
, Inc., Houston, TX (tool box manufacturer)

"... I have used Auto Tech Aluma-1 polish for about a year now and feel that it out performs all of the other products available on the market today.  With its easy on and off application, it not only saves time and effort, but also gives a lasting durable shine that I could only get in the past after several hours of polishing and buffing.  I would recommend this product to anyone who has sat at a buffing wheel for hours only to get a shine that Auto Tech Aluma-1 gives you in just minutes... I will recommend Auto Tech products to other race teams on the circuit... "
Ed Smith, American Motorcyclist Association Representative (AMA), OR

"... Aluma-1 continues to amaze me with its multiple uses.  I have cleaned wheels and trim pieces that people thought were no good any more using Aluma-1 with incredible results... "
Bob Carleton, Dr. Vinyl of Southern New Hampshire, LLC



new formula both kills & converts rust on contact and etches bare metal
A new twist to an old product! This fast acting formula kills rust on contact and converts it to a dry, paintable surface in 20-30 minutes, as opposed to the normal 8 - 12 hours required by other products. Also, this unique formula is actually two products-in-one: it  kills/converts rust or, if sprayed on a bare rust-free panel, it etches the surface like a metal prep and creates the perfect surface for paint, primer or filler!

Rust-Prep works by reacting with rust to form a chemically inert ceramic-like strontium phosphate film that becomes part of the surface.  When primed or coated, adhesion to the surface is increased because the zinc strontium phosphate film is cellular and actually creates a locking effect at the paint interface thus going way beyond ordinary adhesion. And the zinc phosphate film results in superior anti-corrosion and welding conductivity.

Rust-Prep prevents rust bleed through and also removes scales and corrosion from aluminum, galvanize, copper, stainless steel, fiberglass and wood.  Rust-Prep dissolves lime and scales from pipes, evaporators, engine cooling systems, etc. and it bleaches rust stains from wood, vinyl, ceramic, porcelain, grout, glass, brick, cement etc.  Rust-Prep has hundreds of uses - if rust or rust stains are the problem, Rust-Prep is the solution!

Approved for automotive, marine, highway, industrial and agricultural use. Available in 16-oz. spray bottle, economy 64-oz. Refill bottle and 55-Gallon Drums.

"… Just a short note to rave about Rust-Prep. This product is all the things it claims to be and more!…  The very best feature for those of us with production-minded schedules is the 20-30 minute drying time as opposed to hours of waiting for a dry, workable surface… " 
Willie's Shop
, Monterey, CA

" ...Bare metal needs protection right away to prevent rust from forming.  Tommy used Auto Tech's Rust-Prep, a product that leaves behind a zinc phosphate coating to discourage rust from flashing on the metal surface ... "
From Hemmings Classic Car Magazine, October 2007
Regarding restoration of a 1959 Dodge Super D-500 Custom Royal Convertible



trouble-free installations with no bubbles, even in cold temperatures or humidity
This 3-in-1 easy-to-use formula: cleans and prepares the surface without leaving any residue … it then "floats" the vinyl providing ample time to reposition (straighten) graphics … and it activates the adhesive to create a strong bond between surface and graphic without need for heat gun or lamp. One formula covers all grades of vinyl and performs in extremely cold temperatures or high humidity with no lifting, bubbles or wrinkles. User friendly neutral odor. Each quart comes with a sprayer. Available in quart refill bottles, economy gallons and 55-gallon drums.


Just a few satisfied repeat buyers:
Carquest Stores
J.L.G. Industries
Letterman/Rayhal Racing (Team Rayhal)   
Life Line Emergency Vehicles
Volvo Construction Equipment
Napa Stores
New York State Police
Richard Petty Driving Group
Sherwin Williams Stores
Willy's Drift Boats

"... only product that truly works... mandated all our plants order 55-gallon drums... "
Product Support Manager, J.L.G. Industries, McConnellsburg, PA

" … I tried the Decal-Graphic Solution and I've never in 20 years found anything like it - beats any solutions or mixtures I've ever bought or mixed! …" 
Simmons Auto Body Repair
, Arbovale, West Virginia

"... when our cars are traveling around the track at speeds in excess of 150 mph, we have to be certain the decals and emblems don't fly off!... the adhesion we get with your Decal-Graphic Solution guarantees no lifting even at extreme speeds... "
Letterman/Rayhal Racing (David Letterman/Bobby Rayhal - Team Rayhal), Hilliard, OH



easy and fast removal of sticky substances with no damage or mess
Advanced spray-on formula effectively removes both oil and water-based stubborn adhesives and sticky substances in 60-90 seconds with no stain or damage to surface! Safe on all automotive paints, metals, plastics, vinyl, glass, fiberglass etc. Removes: tar, grease, oil, tree sap, hot glue gun melt, waxes, stickers, decal glue, silicone sealers, fork-lift and floor scuff marks, surface discoloration, inks, duct tape glue and more. Reduces work time, leaves no greasy residue, user friendly - no harsh odor - replaces dangerous xylene, MEK and lacquer thinner.  Automotive, Industrial, Marine, Sign and Household applications. Hands down: the best chemical formula to remove stubborn, sticky residues in seconds!

Many satisfied repeat buyers include:
American Electric & Power
Armtec Defense Products
Arrowhead Water
Bullet Tools
Coca-Cola Bottling
Columbia Helicopter
GE Energy Services
Fastenal Co.
General Dynamics
Foretravel Inc.
Jim Beam
Kimberly-Clark Corp.
Kentucky Horse Park Mounted Police
Kraft Foods
Leisure Travel Vans
Letterman/Rayhal Racing (Team Rayhal)  
Maxwell House
McCormick Spices
Mercy Medical Center
Monsato Co.
NGK Spark Plug
Penske Truck Leasing
Polaroid Battery Division
Premio Foods Inc.
Richard Petty Driving Group
Sign-a-Rama Corp.
Signs Now Corp.
Smurfit Stone
Toyota Motor Corp.
TJ Max
United Parcel
U.S. Government Printing Office
U.S. Postal System
United Natural Foods
U.S. Army
Wabash Trailer
Wal-Mart Distributions Centers
Weyerhauser Corp.
Walt Disney
Yazaki North America

" … Your product does a great job in removing the glue that is left when decals are removed from semi-trailers. Quick 'n Easy has reduced our glue removal time from an average of (4) four hours per trailer to approximately 45 minutes!..."
FRUEHAUF Trailer Services Inc. (Wabash Trailer), Greenville, South Carolina


Odor Eliminator

totally destroys and eliminates offensive odors

This new product eliminates odors at the molecular level, unlike air fresheners that temporarily mask odors with a fragrance.  Unlike other products that prohibit air conditioner/ventilation system use, our Odor Eliminator flows through air conditioning/ventilation systems to eliminate a major source of unpleasant odors (most bacteria land in the air conditioner's evaporator core and pollen gets into the vents, creating foul odors - masking products do not eliminate these odors and liquid enzyme products can not effectively reach these areas!)

This unique formula contains a patented ingredient that eliminates odors caused by: cigarette & cigar smoke, fire damage, sweat, mildew, pets, vomit, skunk, urine, dead animals, fishing gear and other persistent, offensive organic odors.  Numerous uses: Automotive, hotel/motel, RV's train/plane, marine, restaurant, apartment, air conditioning, animal kennels, veterinarian, bathroom, storage room, janitorial, industrial, public building, office, home - anywhere instant odor elimination is needed.  One container economically removes all odors from an entire vehicle, room or area.  Can also be used for Spot Release on specific areas such as carpets, seats, pet bedding, etc.

Body Shops report our Odor Eliminator removes the interior chemical resin smell that results from paint & body work - they simply "fog" the vehicle interior so the seats, headliner & floor mats are odor-free for customer pick-up... and the beauty of it is: the body shop adds the cost of the can under the clean-up section of the estimate!

Approved by Penske Truck Leasing for use in their trucks and vehicles nationwide!

"... we constantly run into cars & trucks with unusual smells and odors... we tried your "Odor Eliminator" on a late model Ford Ranger pick up with a heavy cigarette smoke smell... All I can say is your product did what my detail shop couldn't do! It totally got rid of the odors... "
Crater Lake Motors, Medford OR


Slick Shine Professional Car & Truck Polish 

rated #1 show car shine in seconds
Unlike typical polishes, this unique formula produces an outstanding, deep shine with easy-on, easy-off application!  No buffing required, no streaking, non-abrasive and clear-coat safe.  Formulated to meet the demands of today's new paint finishes: clear-coat, black, dark metallic and 'wet look' paints.  Removes light oxidation, helps hide hairline scratches, durable and weather resistant.  Excellent on: chrome, glass, fiberglass, acrylic and plastic surfaces, marble, porcelain, Formica and All quality paint finishes.  Perfect for: autos, motorcycles, boats, RV's, airplanes, trucks, musical instruments, home uses, industrial plastic applications and much more.


"…thank you for your Slick-Shine polish - our cars are turning heads in the streets! … I detail the cars and I've tried 3M's products, Mother's and Boyd's, and your Auto Tech products are first in their class!…" 
Stone Barn Inc.
, Vienna, NJ

"... writing this letter because I just can't believe how incrediblle your products are. I am definitely a detailing fanatic... I have tried everything on the market both commercial and mail order... Here is a list of what I have tried:...

Mothers (all variations), Turtle Wax (all variations), Meguiers (their whole line and the some), Boyd's, Blue Coral (all variations), Wax Shoppe Super Glaze, Race Glaze, Blitz, Eagle 1 (all variations), Stoner, Dupont, Prestone, Liquid glass, Classic, Nu Finish, Simonize (all variations), Auto Armor, Blue & Black Diamond, Liquid Luster, Sur Luster and Zaino... YOUR SLICK-SHINE OUT PERFORMS THEM ALL!!!..."
DetailerChuck Quercia, Formington, CT



water-based dressing maintains a natural, 'New' Tire look
A new approach to tire dressing! A water-based dressing with endurance. Unique formula maintains an authentic, 'new' tire shine, not an oily, greasy look. It dries on the tire - doesn't come off on hands - and it won't sling-off and stain the car's paint finish. Allows the tire to 'breathe'- doesn't 'attack' the tire - doesn't turn the tire brown like common solvent dressings. Will not stain chrome or aluminum wheels. Easy to apply - keeps tires looking shiny with little effort. Tire-Shine's cost efficiency and high quality make it perfect for both personal and commercial application. Available in 16-oz. spray bottle and economy gallons.
"… we sell new and used tires … your Tire-Shine makes used tires look newer than brand new! … along with WOW and Aluma-1 Scratch-Free Wheel Polish, your Tire-Shine and 1001 are nice additions to our store…" 
ANA Ranier Tire & Lube
, Ranier, WA